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First title for Orkneyology Press!

Tom and Rhonda are delighted to announce our first book with Orkneyology Press, Bryce Wilson's wonderful memoir, An Orcadian Odyssey. Huzzah!!!

For those in Orkney, the book launch is your best bet to get a book in your hands before Christmas. Online orders from our shop will become available from December 18th onward here: shop.orkneyology.com/collections/orkneyology-press-books You won't see the option to buy on this page until the 18th - it's invisible until then.

Be forewarned that the book will almost certainly not arrive before Christmas, even if you order it on the 18th. But we hope you'll buy it anyway - it's a great winter read!

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Bryce Wilson to Publish 'An Orcadian Odyssey' with Orkneyology Press

Bryce Wilson gives fascinating insights into the development of Orkney's museums & the Pier Arts Centre, and tells stories of life in 1950s Orkney and foreward.

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Orkney Storytelling Festival 2022 Events Now Online

Four recorded events from our 2022 Orkney Storytelling Festival are now available to purchase online for a short time only! (Private links to the events you buy will be sent in an email within 24 hours.) Buy your tickets here: https://pretix.eu/ostfestival/ost2022

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Tom Muir Orkney Storyteller - Festival Event

Orkney Storytelling Festival 2022 is about to begin! One event lovers of Orkney's lore won't want to miss is at Stromness Town Hall, 2:00 Sunday. Tom Muir will connect his Westray and Sanday family stories with Orkney folk tales and customs. Live stories are accompanied by a short film of Tom telling stories in the Orkney landscape. Full festival schedule and ticket info: https://orkneystorytellingfestival.co.uk/main/sunday-30th-october/

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Orkney Storytelling festival 2022 Lady Burroughs of Rousay

Anticipating the Orkney Storytelling Festival's afternoon event in Rousay, Saturday 29th October, enjoy this trailer for the short film to be shown as part of Dr Nela Scholma-Mason's presentation on Rousay's Lady Burroughs. Full Orkney Storytelling festival 2022 schedule and ticket purchases are here:https://orkneystorytellingfestival.co.uk/.../programme-2022/

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Orkney Storytelling Festival 2022 Events Locations

When choosing our festival locations, we at the Orcadian Story Trust always try to spread out the fun, to ensure that as many folk as possible can join at least one of our events. This can be a challenge for visitors to Orkney, so I've created a map of this year's storytelling event locations to help you plan. We hope to see you in Orkney in October!

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Orkney Storytelling Festival 2022

It's getting closer! See our Orkney Storytelling page for the latest updates about the 2022 Orkney Storytelling Festival.

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A Shetland Selkie Folk Tale

Enjoy this Shetland selkie tale, retold by Orkney's Tom Muir on behalf of his great friend, the late Shetland traditional storyteller Lawrence Tulloch.https://www.northlinkferries.co.uk/shetland-blog/a-shetland-folk-tale-the-goita-skerry/

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Scapa Flow Museum Opens at Last!

Find out about the Orkney Islands' new naval history museum at Lyness, the Scapa Flow Museum.

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Scapa Flow Museum Opening part 2

Read more about the opening of the wonderful new Orkney Islands museum In Lyness, Orkney.

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Housing Prices Soar in Orkney

Soaring housing prices in the Orkney Islands are making housing unaffordable to many islanders.

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Orkney's New Scapa Flow Museum Opening Soon

The Lyness based Museum, which has undergone a £4.4million refurbishment, will be open to summer visitors from Saturday, July 2.

There will be a further formal opening event in September, when Olympian Sir Chris Hoy will officially open the attraction.

But before then, the doors will be open to summer tourists and locals alike.

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Traditional Orkney Creation Myth

Assipattle and the Stoorworm is an exciting traditional folk tale once told around the fire in the Orkney Islands. It describes how Orkney and Shetland were formed, and the smouldering volcanoes of Iceland! Told for Northlink Ferries and the Year of Scotland's Stories by Orkneyology.com's traditional Orcadian storyteller Tom Muir.

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Free voice coaching opportunity in Orkney

People from Caithness and Sutherland as well as Orkney and Shetland are being invited to take part in a voice workshop exploring dialect, speech and movement.

The Kristin Linklater Voice Centre in Orkney is inviting local participants to take part in the paid-for course that explores dialect, speech and movement.

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Maeshowe Re-opens in Orkney Islands

Maeshowe, one of Orkney’s most renowned, prehistoric, sites has reopened to the public.

Access to the chambered cairn had been restricted due to the covid pandemic, however, the visitor centre reopened last year to share the story of the site with visitors to the islands.

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Moving to Orkney guidebook

Have you ever dreamed about moving to Scotland? What's it like to live in Orkney? Find out from an American expat who's managed it and can give you advice if life in Orkney is your goal. Here's where you can order my new ebook, Moving to Orkney ~ Life on a Scottish Island, a guide.

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Moving to Orkney: a guide, ebook, on Etsy

I've just published an ebook on Etsy - everything you need to know if you're considering moving to Orkney, from an American expat living on the Orkney Islands.

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A Shetland traditional folktale as told by Tom Muir

Northlink Ferries is gathering a series of Orkney Islands and Shetland folk tales in honour of Scotland's Year of Stories, 2022. Read the latest, a Shetland tale told to Tom by the great Lawrence Tulloch, Shetland's late tradition-bearer. https://www.northlinkferries.co.uk/shetland-blog/a-shetland-folk-tale-jan-tait-and-the-bear/

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Year of Scotland's STories - Orkney Storytelling

The Orkney Storytelling Festival aims to capture folk tales and promote their retelling. We also support new forms of storytelling, keeping alive the oral tradition in a modern world. Join us and our guests in October and get happily lost in great traditional tales.

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Scotland's Year of Stories Highlands and Islands

2022 is Scotland's Year of Stories when we are celebrating stories of the Highlands and Islands - the land, the people and the culture - which have shaped our region past, present and future!

Explore our stories and discover our spirit!

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Mermaid image (Rhonda's pages) and storyteller image (Tom's pages), and all other illustrations except where noted are here by the courtesy of our dear friend - Stromness author, artist and historian, Bryce Wilson MBE, who owns all copyrights. Thanks, Bryce!