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Walking in Orkney & Mapping Orkney Walks with the Ramblr App

Enjoy our walking in Orkney interview with Rachel from Ramblr where we talk about Orkney walks, living in Orkney and using Ramblr to map your walks.

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Heart of Neolithic Orkney Walk - Enjoy it Virtually!

Join Rhonda for a virtual walk through some of Orkney's most astonishing and beautiful landscape.

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Wisdom Reflections That I'd Like to Share With You

The following is a reflection on life wisdom that I've been reminded of during this difficult year. I hope it brings comfort and hope to anyone who reads it.

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Orkney Walks - Geotagged Photo Maps of Walking Adventures in Orkney

Looking for great Orkney walks? Browse our growing collection of geotagged photo walking maps of Scottish islands hiking adventures in the Orkney Islands!

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Orkney in December - a photo blog

Orkney photographer Rachel Eunson has been documenting December in Orkney.Have a look!

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Professional Wildlife Photographer Raymond Besant - Orkney in Winter Photos

A new year brings new wildlife-watching opportunities. Join local wildlife filmmaker Raymond Besant as he showcases one of his favorite winter locations in Orkney.

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New Orkney Renewable Energy Company

A ground-breaking new local energy company has been launched to help Orkney make the most of its renewable energy potential.

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Storyteller Tom Muir Visits with Orkney Band "Fara"

Recorded in Orkney's wonderful Kirbuster Farm Museum, Tom tells The Hogboon of Helliehowe and Fara play "Hogboon Hoolie" created especially for this Orkney folktale.

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Tales for Troubled Times - page 5

Humans have always told ourselves stories during troubled times. Stories comfort, inspire and encourage. Hear audio of traditional tales and folklore online.

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Tales for Troubled Times - Stories for Christmas

Tom Muir returns to his Tales for Troubled Times project with two Christmas stories for your Christmas listening pleasure - The Shetland Fin Wife and Hild, the Queen of Elfland. God bless, and enjoy.

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Eynhallow Laments: The Fin Folk's Lament; Brother Dagfinn's Lament; and Clara's Lament

Listen to Tom Muir's haunting poems set in the Orkney island of Eynhallow from the viewpoints of the finfolk who lost the island, Brother Dagfinn who was banished to Eynhallow and grew to love it and Clara, who lost her husband to the hungry sea. As originally created for Celebration Earth 2020, Earth Day project and kindly used here by their permission.

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From Enemy to Friend: A Tribute to Coriolano Caprara, 1920-2020

Read Tom's blog for the Orkney Museum a tribute to former Italian POW in Orkney Coriolano Caprara, who passed away this week aged 100.

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Clara's Lament

Hear "Clara's Lament," the last of Tom Muir's (Orkney island of) Eynhallow Laments created for Celebration Earth, as well as the first two poem/films and "The Unsilent Cathedral." Find all of these Orkney Islands inspired story-films on this page.

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Brother Dagfinn's Lament, Eynhallow 2

Watch the lovely film made by Celebration Earth from Tom's haunting poem, part two of three.

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Tom Muir's Brother Dagfinn's Lament

Experience Tom's "Brother Dagfinn's Lament" and the story behind its creation. "Everything feels concentrated in Orkney. When you stand in one place you can often touch all those layers of history by hardly moving at all. We asked about ways of capturing that sense of story upon story upon story of a celebration that runs across centuries, reminding us of the value people have placed in landscapes, in sunrises and waves and wind, of the intimate relationship between people and the land that becomes home."

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Support Local Scottish Businesses

Here are a few wonderful ideas for ways to support Scotland's small business community this Christmas season.

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Camping in Orkney ~ Planning Your Scottish Islands Camping Adventure

Camping in Orkney: everything you need to know. The enchanting Orkney Islands are a perfect destination for your unforgettable outdoor Scotland adventures.

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Vote for John Rae's fiddle!

Renowned Orcadian Dr John Rae (1813-1893) was the most successful of all Victorian Arctic explorers, undertaking four expeditions. His fourth and final expedition (1853-4) was his most significant – it was during this expedition that he learnt the fate of the lost Franklin expedition and made the discovery of Rae Strait which proved to be the last link in a first navigable North West Passage.John Rae is known to have taken fiddles on his expeditions. Traditional Orcadian fiddle music played an important part in his upbringing and is still an important part of Orcadian culture across the globe. While on his travels music would have entertained everyone during the long Arctic nights.

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Orkney Finfolk Article

Lovers of Orkney folklore will enjoy this piece theorizing on the possible connection between the Orkney finfolk tales and traveling Inutit people.

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Orkney Folktales From a New Voice

Betty Matthews from Orkney has taken our folk tales to New York City and created something rather wonderful. I think you'll like this.

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