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The Merry Dancers - Photographing the Aurora Borealis in Orkney

In Orkney we call them the Merry Dancers. The haunting light show can be seen here in dark months, if you're lucky. Read one Orkney woman's aurora-chasing tale.

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Blackenings in Orkney

A German celebrity interviews Orkney residents about the folk customs of love, particularly the blackenings - a custom that came from Scotland not long ago and can disturb tourists to Orkney if they don't understand what's going on. Tom Muir, local folklorist and historian, explains more beginning at 18:52 time marker.

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Take a virtual tour of Scotland’s historic sites

Check out these amazing 3D renderings of some of Scotland's most intriguing archaeological sites.

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Folklore Podcast with Orkney Storyteller Tom Muir

Storyteller Tom Muir has recorded a folklore podcast episode with the delightful Taking the Traditional On podcast. Listen in here!

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How to Experience Scotland & Scottish Culture at Home

Find ways to celebrate all things Scottish from the comfort of your own home – our music, history, food and drink, dance and most importantly, a bit of fun. Enjoy these Scotland online travel resources from the excellent VisitScotland blog.

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Orkney Storytelling Festival 2020 Updates

After considering our options the committee of the Orkney Storytelling Festival has decided to change the format of this year’s festival, which runs from the 22nd-25th October. Have a look at the updates, and everyone take good care.

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Orkney Folklore Trail App Now Free Online!

The Orkney Folklore Trail app was created by Robert Gordon University (RGU) and Orkneyology.com. The Android app was originally designed to be GPS-based, unlocking stories on Orkney’s folklore. Since people can't travel to Orkney now, the folklore trail team has opened the trail to everyone online. Find out more.

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Viking Runes Online Talk

Runologist Raggie’s recorded runes talk is available! Dr Ragnhild Ljosland, author of The Orkney Book of Runes gives current thinking and developments in runology and answers questions. Have a listen.

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The Pirate Gow

Listen to Orkney Islands playwright Aine King's lockdown radio play of the famous Orkney pirate, John Gow. Tom Muir (my wonderful husband) is the narrator!

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Orkney Folklore Trail - Explore Orkney Through Legend, Myth, Folklore

Download our free, self-guided Orkney Folklore Trail. Drive Orkney's beautiful west coast with stories by native Orcadian storyteller and folklorist, Tom Muir.

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Dreaming of Travelling to Scotland's Orkney Islands?

Dreaming of future Scotland travel plans? Download your free copy of the 2020 Orkney Islander, filled with Orkney Islands inspiration. Page 62 has Orcadian storyteller Tom Muir's take on Orkney's giant folklore. Also see pg 64 for Tom's bit of folklore from the Orkney island of Sanday, where half of him comes from. :-) https://orkneyislander.co.uk

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Tom Muir's Tales for Toubled Times Continue

Tom continues to record free audio folktales and fairytales from his attic bedroom in Scotland's Orkney Islands each night, hoping to cheer the forced solitude of many. We're on page 4, now. Who would have thought it would go on so long? Listen in!

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New Connections Across the Northern Isles

See what this wonderful museums collaboration among Scotland's island communities has brought together.

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Tales for Troubled Times - page 3

Humans have always told ourselves stories during troubled times. Stories comfort, inspire and encourage. Join us and hear traditional tales and folklore online.

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A Love Note to Scotland

Visitors to Scotland have a message for us - they still love us and hope to visit again soon. Isn't that lovely? Read the kind messages for Scotland from all over the world here.

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Orkneyology Tales for Toubled Times Storytelling

Enjoying Tom Muir's Tales for Troubled Times? Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our creative process, how we've been impacted by the pandemic and how YOU can work from home on your own business!

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Creative Scotland Online Activities

Want more of Scotland travel and arts online? VisitScotland offers this list of online things to do "in Scotland." Have a look!

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Grouse Beater Blogger Loves Orkney Folk Tales

Why does this feisty Scottish blogger love Tom Muir's The Mermaid Bride? He has no problem expressing himself. Read on ....

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Mound Dwellers and Orkney Excavations

Our friend, archaeologist and helper at storytelling festivals, Nela Scholma-Mason has an article in Dig It! about Orkney mound-dweller folklore and excavations in Orkney Read it here.

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Scotland Will Still be Here

VisitScotland reminds us that, though we can't travel to Scotland during this crisis, we will be able to again one day. Be encouraged. #TravelTomorrow

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Mermaid image (Rhonda's pages) and storyteller image (Tom's pages), and all other illustrations except where noted are here by the courtesy of our dear friend - Stromness author, artist and historian, Bryce Wilson MBE, who owns all copyrights. Thanks, Bryce!